Triple Threat & ADV Studies: Musical Theater

Class begins with a jazz warm-up followed by dance technique (chasses, passes, pirouettes, pivots, and more).  Theater and Dance technique gets increasingly more challenging as they move ahead in more advanced levels.  Acting curriculum is based in exploring improvisational exercises to develop strong projection, good diction, and the ability to respond to spontaneous situations with a believable character.  Vocal curriculum aims to build confidence in solo and ensemble-driven numbers where students must both sing and portray a character.

Fall Sessionstudents work on a mini musical, giving them exposure to individual lines and solo opportunities as well as ensemble choreography.

Spring Sessionstudents hone their abilities to execute given material with precision and work together as a group to create pieces for the May Showcase.

NOTE: ADV Studies: Musical Theater does not present a mini musical in the fall, as they will present a scene study during the large showcase in the Spring.