PAAM School Classes


The perfect place to foster a love of dance and theater! Our Foundations Program allows students ages 3-8 the opportunity to train and perform at the beginning – intermediate level in a fun and supportive environment with faculty who encourage a strong appreciation for the arts. Foundations is divided into four 7-class sessions (and one 5-class “Spring Workshop” session), allowing for manageable commitment and flexibility while fostering in-depth training and progressions for those that remain involved throughout the course of the full school year.




Our Advanced Program offers leveled training for students ages 6- High School, with programming options through the advanced/upper levels in an inspiring and encouraging environment with experienced and dedicated faculty. The Advanced Program is designed for students who are high achieving in and passionate about the performing arts, and also wish to preserve time for other extracurriculars and endeavors.  While students are encouraged to remain involved throughout the  full school year, this program is divided into two sessions (Fall & Spring) with an extra mini-session (5 weeks) running mid-May to mid-June. Curriculum is cumulative – offering comprehensive training, ample age and level appropriate challenges, opportunities for growth and discovery, and motivation through a curriculum that builds and expands with each level of training achieved.




Our Conservatory Program, home of our Pre-Professional Program, offers leveled training to aptly mold out students depending on their tracks – Dance ot Theater Arts – or a combination of both. The Conservatory Program offers the highest level of training for our young artists, propelling them towards advanced opportunities in the arts, including collegiate and professional careers should they choose to pursue them. Designed for young artists committed to rigorous dance training, students in out Conservatory & Pre-Professional Programs demonstrate advanced level execution and commitment for their respective age groups. In addition to working with our Professional Faculty in their PAAM classes, Conservatory students have the opportunity to work with our Guest Artists, brought in regularly to further enhance and inspire weekly training and choreography.