Ballet & Pointe


PAAM’s Ballet program is designed to develop strong technicians and artists.  Levels have distinct curriculum and build on foundations, expanding terminology.  Our youngest classes explore the foundations of ballet technique, incorporating elements of creative movement to promote imagination, establish foundations and an appreciation for ballet.  Overall goals of the ballet program are: proficient and excelling execution, expanding knowledge of terminology, carriage of the arms, alignment, flexibility, strength and proper engagement of muscles to promote turnout, balance and power.


Approval is required for entrance into the pointe program. Class begins with focused work on strengthening feet, finding balance, and pulling up and out of the toes.  Beginning classes consist of barre work with the goal of moving towards center.  At the barre, exercises promote proper placement, turnout, hips and abdominal engagement, and lower body strength through the limbs and feet.  Barre work builds strength properly, working on moving from execution with two feet, to exercises transferring weight from one foot to the other and focusing on technique engaging one supporting/standing leg at a time.  Once students establish proper barre execution, they continue to center and across the floor technique.  Advanced pointe students are individually approved to wear pointe shoes in designated ballet classes to allow dancers to fully transition to en pointe, executing technical exercises and choreography.